Websites - Letting fees comparison website.

We Name The Stars - Solar system name exploration website.

Crisis Alert - Website exploring the branded 'crises' in Parliamentary history.

Postal Vote - Online tool to help fill out postal votes form.

(Data-based websites built as part of Inkleby)


@WNTS_Rover - A companion robot to the We Name The Stars website. This rover is working its way through every named feature on the moon in real time - tweeting elevation maps of its route (derived from the LRO LOLA Elevation Model) as it goes.

@RandomFOI - Random successful foi requests from

@AlmostAmends - Almost Amends is a historical dataset tweeter - using the data from the US National Archive's Amending America collection to tweet random attempted amendments to the US Constitution - adding links to more information where available.

@BadHousingIdeas - Systematically working through every possible arrangement of VERB to BUY/LET/OWN to produce a comprehensive list of all possible housing ideas.

@oldillustration - Random images from the British Library's collection of scanned book illustrations.

Useful Code Things

useful_inkleby - Collection of useful tools to tidy up django projects (Read The Docs)

google maps tile converter - Python script to carve any image into tiles for use in custom google maps implementations.

moon elevation reader - Reader code to extract elevation data from ISIS Cube file.

(more on github)

Misc Useless Things

GCHQ Puzzle Solver - Solves the first stage of the GCHQ Christmas puzzle.

After Springfield - Story told entirely with frames from The Simpsons that contain no people.

Use Your Head Referencing - A 19th Century Approach to a 21st Century Problem